CBS Holland S7-63566 (1969 LP)

CBS France S7.63710 (1975 LP)

Que Je T'Aime
CBS France S7-63832 (197? LP)

Pluie D'Etoiles
CBS France S7-64000 (197? LP)

laisse-moi t'aimer
CBS France S7-64096 (197? LP)

Disques d'Or
CBS France S7-64243 (197? LP)


The son of an Italian father and a French mother, Caravelli began his musical education at the age of seven, and when he was thirteen entered the Paris Conservatoire to study piano, harmony and conducting.

In 1950 he became the accompanist for a number of international stars and in a few years covered more than 300,000 miles on tour. Throughout this period he cherished a dream - to establish his own big band through which he could develop his own personal style.

In 1959 in New York his dream came true. Mutual friends introduced him to top European bandleader Ray Ventura, to whom he confided his ambitions. He spoke enthusiastically of his visions and hopes, but checked himself suddenly- "but that's impossible, of course". Ray Ventura thought otherwise and arranged a meeting in Paris. A few weeks later he finally persuaded Caravelli to sign a contract. The Caravelli Orchestra was born.

Caravelli has been presented with a number of gold discs, awarded for over a million sales of his L.P.'s. In 1969 and again in 1973 France honored him with a gold disc for achieving the highest international sales.

Caravelli is a great perfectionist. During recording sessions he attaches great importance to the "colour" of his arrangements and to the way in which he adapts the romantic sound of his "magical strings" to contemporary dance rhythms.