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Like Wow! Cover Art
Another fun aspect of record collecting is to appreciate unusual or beautiful cover art.

Record companies would go to great lengths of expense and creativity to package their latest releases in a design that would be catchy and different. The result could be eye-catching, or sometimes just hilarious.

When you're out digging for rare records, how many times do you stop and marvel at an attractive picture or just smile at something you remember from long ago? Serious collectors will buy items just because they like the cover or identify with the subject matter. You can proudly display your favorites in frames or showcases. This graphic display cannot be achieved with CD's. Vinyl rules this way.

Like Wow! has a fresh & different way of looking at records. Items are chosen for their visual content as well as rarity - and grouped together into themes for your enjoyment. Enjoy your visit through these galleries - our online cyber-showcase.

We'd love to hear from you about other special records or designs you've discovered in your searchings. Email us with your own personal faves and raves!

"The Tower" Other World Records OWR 1001 (1973 LP)

From the back cover:

Welcome to the Other World of the Tower.

The medium is stereophonic sound, the concept is excitingly unconventional, the result is electrifying.

Based on a short story by Thomas N. Scortia, The Tower tells of the ultimate atomic war and its aftermath, bringing not only death and destruction, but also the tragic horror of physical mutations resulting from from the radioactive fallout that drastically affects any as jet unborn children.

Side one opens with the theme from The Tower and continues into musique concrete, a collage of audio effects depicting the advent of the final nuclear holocaust and the subsequent transition to an Other World......

Our doyssey continues through the various pitfalls and misadventures encountered on this audio journey, until we hear of the final bizarre triumph in the profound "Lyrictronics" of the closing scenes.

former freak of the week

Record Cleaning Tips

"It's fun to be clean" - Human Beinz

If you don't have an expensive recording cleaning machine, we offer you the following procedures you can use to clean your records.

+ Start with several clean white 100% cotton washcloths, one large towel, and two buckets (or sinks) of clean warm water. Apply a small
amount of mild dish soap to one of the buckets or sinks.

+ Using two washcloths, saturate one in the soapy water, and the other seperately in the rinse water. You will pat onto these with other clean
cloths to only lightly moisten them and apply to the vinyl.

+ Handle the record carefully by holding it only by the edges if possible. Place the disc on a clean surface such as a large clean towel or mat. Be careful always to clean and rub gently with the grooves of the vinyl.

+ If a record is only somewhat dusty and has a few fingerprints then use the patted cleaning cloth, which is only very lightly moistened with
clean water, so as to apply as little moisture and pressure to the vinyl as needed to clean it.

+ For dirtier records use the patted soapy cloth, followed by the rinse washcloth. For very dirty records you will need to apply more pressure but only what is needed.

+ Follow either step above with a clean drying rag to gently and lightly buff the surface to its former lustre.

+ Remember to always clean and rub gently with the grooves of the vinyl!

+ These procedures are meant for records that are dirty. If a record has only a light amount of dust on it, then you should use as little moisture and pressure as possible. If done properly, you can also remove static electricity.

+ Don't forget to also clean your record covers and inner sleeves. For these you use only a very slightly moist cloth. You'll be surprised how much dirt will come off of those record covers.