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Rare Soul, Funk and Disco Records at Vinyl Revival

72183	5th Dimension:  Magic Garden  (Soul City SCS 92001 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+/EX  early 197?
145179	Acklin, Barbara:  Love Makes a Woman  (Brunswick BL 754137 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1968,orig,co
164288	Alaimo, Steve:  Every Day I Have to Cry  (Checker LP 2986(M) LP)  $99  VG/VG+  1963,orig maroon label,co,sm tear oc,wobc
164305	Alaimo, Steve:  Sings & Swings  (ABC-Paramount ABC-551(M) LP)  $30  VG/EX  196?,co,slrw
84214	Alaimo, Steve:  Twist With...  (Checker LP 2981(M) LP)  $78  VG+/M-  1960,orig maroon label
145391	Alexandra, Sandra:  The Intimate Side of...  (Uni 73063 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  196?,co,slrw,"It's Your Thing","Love is Blue"
36460	Ali, Muhammad:  The Adventures of Ali & his Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay  (St. John's LP)  $50  SS  1976,Richie Havens,Howard Cosell,Frank Sinatra,Ossie Davis,co
165981	Almond, Johnny Music Machine:  Patent Pending  (Deram DES 18030 LP)  $60  VG/EX  1969,slrw
142765	American Gypsy:  S/T  (Chess CH 60034 LP)  $70  VG+/VG+  1975,co
141180	Annebelle:  A Taste of Soul: Songs Made Famous by Aretha  (Alshire S-5184 LP)  $115  VG+/VG+  196?-7?,slrw
160529	Anthony & the Imperials:  Reflections  (Veep VP 13514(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1967,soc
160096	Artistics:  What Happened  (Brunswick BL 754153 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,rw,co,soc
140161	Astri, David:  Do It Right  (Award EA 12001 LP)  $150  VG/EX  1983,"Dancing Digits",electro/synth,co,stains oc,wobc
147194	Average White Band:  S/T  (Atlantic QD 7308(Q) LP)  $38  EX/VG+  1974,quadraphonic,osw,lyric sleeve,sost "Pick Up the Pieces"
169668	Azteca:  S/T  (Columbia KC 31776 LP)  $30  VG/EX  1972,gfld,rw,tears oc,Coke Escovedo
160035	Baker, LaVern:  See See Rider  (Atlantic SD 8071 LP)  $70  VG+/VG+  1962,green/blue label stereo,ink stamp obc
96613	Band Of Thieves:  S/T  (Ovation OV-1727 LP)  $98  VG+/M-  1976,osw,co
135312	Barnes, Sidney:  Foot Stompin' Music  (Backstage RRLP 9009 LP)  $31  VG/EX  1978,woc
157513	Barrow, Keith:  Just As I Am  (Capitol ST 12112 LP)  $35  SS  1982
131259	Barrow, Keith:  S/T  (Columbia PC 34465 LP)  $33  VG/EX  1977,wlp,slrw,soc,wobc,prst obc
128599	Bartel, John:  Bartel  (Perception PLP 20 LP)  $83  SS  1971,breaks!!,seal partially open
160621	Bartley, Chris:  The Sweetest Thing this Side of Heaven  (Vando VA-60,000 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  196?,co,Van McCoy production,sobc
145489	Bascomb, Wilbur:  And Future Dreams  (H&L HL-69023 LP)  $33  SS  1977,sost "Chariots of the Gods"
151170	Beasley, William (producer):  Straight from Detroit Via Nashville  (Modern Sound 545 LP)  $30  VG/VG  196?,exploito cover versions,motown covers
142880	Bee's Knees:  Pure Honey  (Derrick DRC 1001 LP)  $75  VG+/M-  1979,yellow wax,lyric sleeve,co
143195	Bell, Archie & the Drells:  Tighten Up  (Atlantic SC 8181 LP)  $70  VG/VG  1968,orig green/blue label,co,smsplt,sm tear oc
142736	Bell, Archie & the Drells:  Tighten Up  (Atlantic SC 8181 LP)  $98  VG+/VG+  1968,orig green/blue label
136024	Bell, Bill:  Basically Bill Bell (To Life & Love)  (Brown Door MH 6591 LP)  $140  SS  1979,California private press,Coke Escovedo,Marvin Holmes
131238	Bell, Madeline:  I'm Gonna Make You Love Me  (Philips PHS 600 271 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  196?,co,rw
158744	Bell, Madeline:  I'm Gonna Make You Love Me  (Philips PHS 600 271 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  196?,co,slrw,sticker wear oc
155003	Bendeth Band:  S/T  (Ensign BXL1-4133 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1981,co,lyric sleeve
111958	Biddu Orchestra:  S/T  (Epic PE 33903 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1976,wlp,djts,extra bonus song "Jump For Joy"
132146	Black Ice:  Black Ice  (Amherst HDM-2001 LP)  $53  VG+/EX  1977,"I Want You Back","Blind Over You"
131315	Black Ivory:  Baby, Won't You Change Your Mind  (Today TLP 1008 LP)  $48  VG/EX  1972,djl,rw,djs obc
61345	Black Ivory:  Baby, Won't You Change Your Mind  (Today TLP 1008 LP)  $63  SS  1972,their 2nd lp
135650	Black Tie:  Music for an Affair  (Johnson Products U62571 LP)  $250  VG/EX  197?,one-sided private press easy/disco rarity,silver cover
82190	Black, Buck D.D.:  Mississippi Bluze Mass  (Greene Bottle GBS 1007 LP)  $153  VG+/VG+  1973,gfld,co
48652	Blakey, Art:  Soul Finger  (Li melight LP)  $39  EX/M-  
161140	Blast, C.L.:  I Wanna Get Down  (Cotillion SD 5222 LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  1980,djts oc,prst oc
97988	Blast, C.L.:  I Wanna Get Down  (Cotillion SD 5222 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1980,djts,woc
68281	Bloodstone:  Party  (TNeck 39146 LP)  $31  VG/EX/VG+  1984
123130	Blow Fly:  At the Movies  (Weird World WW-2024 LP)  $185  SS  197?,co(small sawmark),rare rated x raunchy funky disco music,marker writing on shrinkwrap only
123126	Blow Fly:  Oldies But Goodies  (Weird World WW 2026 LP)  $65  SS  197?,co(small sawmark),original still sealed!!(light dirt under shrink)
123129	Blow Fly:  On TV.  (Weird World WW 2021 LP)  $250  SS  197?,co(sawmark),impossible to find still sealed original pressing!!,nude women cover art
123128	Blow Fly:  Weird World Of  (Weird World WW 2020 LP)  $299  SS  197?,co(sawmark),impossible to find still sealed original pressing!!
123131	Blow Fly:  Zodiac Blowfly  (Weird World WW-2023 LP)  $65  SS  197?,co(small sawmark),rare rated x raunchy funky disco music,marker writing on shrinkwrap only
103925	Blow Up:  Herbie Hancock  (MGM 2315 410 LP)  $43  M-/EX  196?,France,osw,great funky jazz soundtrack also with the Yardbirds
147484	Blue Magic/Major Harris/Margie Joseph:  Live!  (WMOT WM2-5000 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1976,2lp,co
149145	Blue Magic/Major Harris/Margie Joseph:  Live!  (WMOT WM2-5000 LP)  $39  VG+/EX/M-  1976,2lp
146459	Blue Magic/Major Harris/Margie Joseph:  Live!  (WMOT WM2-5000 LP)  $60  SS  1976,2lp,co
149239	Bourgeois Boys Club ft. Screamin' Rachael:  S/T  (Trax TX 5046 LP)  $45  VG+  1996,chicago house,plain cover
69761	Bradley, James:  James Bradley  (Malaco 6358 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1979,djl,"let's pain the town,wrapped up in your love,i'm in too deep"
78161	Breakwater:  Splashdown  (Arista AB 4264 LP)  $98  SS  1980,co(2 cut corners)
157295	Briggs, Kimberley:  Passing Clouds  (Fantasy 8415 LP)  $40  VG/VG+  197?,co
133836	Bristol, Johnny:  Bristol's Creme  (Atlantic SD 18197 LP)  $31  EX/EX  1976,osw,lyric sleeve
132863	Bristol, Johnny:  Hang On In There Baby  (MGM M3G 4945 LP)  $63  SS  1974,co
139591	Brockingtons:  S/T  (Today TLP 1003 LP)  $130  VG/EX  197?,orig,djl,rw obc,prst obc
156982	Bronner Brothers:  Million Dollars  (Neighbor 1103 LP)  $50  VG+/M-  1987,co,sm tear obc
111132	Brother to Brother:  In the Bottle  (Turbo TU 7013 LP)  $98  VG+/EX  1974,wlp,"Junkie"
4550	Brown, James:  Always Amazing...  (King 743(M) LP)  $98  EX/EX  10 " smspt,tiny woc (name),no crown
167812	Brown, James:  At the Garden "Live"  (King K12 1018(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,slrw,black label with crown
71315	Brown, James:  At the Garden "Live"  (King K12 1018(M) LP)  $40  M-/VG+  196?,osw,black label with crown
162252	Brown, James:  Gettin' Down to It  (King KSD-1051 LP)  $35  VG/VG+  1969,orig,blue label,gfld,co,Dee Felice Trio
134534	Brown, James:  It's a Man's Man's Man's World  (King KS-985 LP)  $38  VG/VG+  196?,orig stereo,blue label with crown,woc,wol,smsplt
123261	Brown, James:  Live in New York  (Audiofidelity/Carrere CA 271 LP)  $31  EX/VG+  1983,France,2lp
143196	Brown, James:  Live! Hot on the One  (Polydor 2929 090 LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  1980,France,2lp,co
43377	Brown, James:  Live! Hot on the One  (Polydor LP)  $31  SS  1980,2lp,co
839	Brown, James:  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag  (King 938(M) LP)  $43  EX/EX  
132154	Brown, James:  Plays James Brown Today & Yesterday  (Smash SRS 67072 LP)  $38  VG/VG+  196?,rw
58738	Brown, James:  Plays New Breed  (Smash(M) LP)  $43  VG+/M-  1966,photo insert
123107	Brown, James:  Plays the Real Thing  (Smash SRS 67093 LP)  $49  VG+/M-  196?,orig,srw
123140	Brown, James:  Revolution of the Mind  (Polydor PD 3003 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  197?,2lp
136249	Brown, James:  Revolution of the Mind  (Polydor PD 3003 LP)  $41  VG+/EX/VG+  197?,2lp
20256	Brown, James:  Revolution of the Mind  (Polydor PD 3003 LP)  $48  VG+/EX  197?,2lp,co
17456	Brown, James:  Revolution of the Mind  (Polydor PD 3003 LP)  $68  EX/M-  2lp,wlp
93291	Brown, James:  Sex Machine Today  (Polydor PD 6042 LP)  $53  VG+/M-/EX  1975,co
138133	Brown, James:  Sings & Plays - 22 Great Hits  (Smash SRS 1-67109 LP)  $55  VG/VG  1969,2lp,rw,obscure retitled double album with sticker,contains the "Sings Out of Sight" & "Today & Yesterday" LPs
119574	Brown, James:  Sings & Plays - 22 Great Hits  (Smash SRS 1-67109 LP)  $65  VG/VG+  1969,2lp,co,obscure retitled double album with sticker,contains the "Sings Out of Sight" & "Today & Yesterday" LPs
135554	Brown, James:  Soul Syndrome  (TK 615 LP)  $40  SS  1980
155410	Brown, James:  The Payback  (Polydor PD 2-3007 LP)  $37  VG/EX  1973,2lp,co,slrw
6447	Brown, James:  The Payback  (Polydor PD 2-3007 LP)  $43  VG+/M-  1973,2lp,co
142758	Brown, James:  The Popcorn  (King KSD-1055 LP)  $40  EX/VG  1969,osw,orig
83983	Brown, James:  There it Is  (Polydor PD 5028 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1972,co
40104	Brown, James:  Think  (King(E) LP)  $53  VG/EX  early 196?,his photos,co
36511	Brown, James:  Think  (King(M) LP)  $128  EX/M-  his photos
134491	Brown, James:  Unbeatable 16 Hits  (King 919(M) LP)  $31  VG/VG+  1964,orig black label,woc
165870	Brown, Ruth:  Ruth Brown '65  (Mainstream S/6034 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1965,Phil Bodner,Clark Terry,Urbie Green,Hank Jones
70658	Bryant, Leon:  S/T  (De-Lite DSR 8501 LP)  $43  SS  1981,co,ex cover
166099	Burch, Vernon:  Steppin' Out  (Chocolate City CCLP 2014 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1980,djl,prst obc
69805	Burch, Vernon:  Steppin' Out  (Chocolate City CCLP 2014 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1980,djl
98192	Butler, Artie:  Have You Met Miss Jones?  (A&M CTI SP 3007 LP)  $31  SS  1968,gfld,co,vg+ cover
72405	Butler, Billy:  Sugar Candy Lady  (Curtom CU 5015 LP)  $63  SS  1977,back cover ex
160185	Butler, Jerry:  Aware of Love  (Vee-Jay LP-1038 LP)  $45  VG/EX  1961,orig,soc
109701	Butler, Jerry:  Love's On the Menu  (Motown M6-850S1 LP)  $31  SS  1976,co
158740	Butler, Jerry:  Offering the Spice of Life  (Mercury SRM-2-7502 LP)  $35  VG+/M-/EX  1972,2lp,"Stop Steppin On My Dreams"
154732	Cain, Henry:  The Funky Organ-ization of...  (Capitol ST-2688 LP)  $85  VG+/VG+  196?,orig,David Axelrod prod.
133281	Calello, Charles:  Direct Hits  (RCA Victor LPM-3549(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1966,instrumental,producer of the Toys
110729	Callier, Terry:  Fire on Ice  (Elektra 6E-143 LP)  $48  VG+/M-  1978,co,orig inner sleeve
133663	Campbell, Choker:  Hits of the Sixties  (Motown MT 620(M) LP)  $43  VG/VG+  1965,smsplts,co
135236	Capitols:  Dance the Cool Jerk  (Atco 33 190(M) LP)  $53  VG/EX  1966,orig mono,swoc,swol
73905	Capitols:  Dance the Cool Jerk  (Atco SD 33 190 LP)  $78  M-/EX  1966,co,osw,original stereo press
108889	Carn, Doug:  Adams Apple  (Black Jazz BJQD/21(Q) LP)  $63  VG+/EX  1974,quadraphonic
149226	Carn, Jean:  Sweet and Wonderful  (TSOP FZ 36775 LP)  $30  VG/EX  1981,lyric sleeve,rw,Paulinho da Costa,Jones Girls,David T. Walker
64493	Carter, Betty:  Finally  (Joy LP)  $38  VG/EX  1969,co,first edition
143777	Carter, Clarence:  This is...  (Atlantic SD 8192 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  1968,orig green/blue label,co
160609	Castor, Jimmy:  Hey Leroy  (Smash MGS-27091(M) LP)  $55  VG/VG+/EX  1967,co,soc,rw
104333	Castor, Jimmy:  It's Just Begun  (RCA Victor LSP 4640 LP)  $30  SS  1972,co
150774	Chairmen of the Board:  In Session  (Invictus SKAO-7304 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,gfld,slrw,sticker wear oc
135132	Chairmen of the Board:  S/T  (Invictus ST-7300 LP)  $43  EX/EX  197?,osw,co,"Give Me Just a Little More Time"
91413	Chakachas:  Jungle Fever  (Polydor PD 5504 LP)  $58  VG/EX  197?,co,latin funk
164598	Chambers Brothers:  Love, Peace & Happiness  (Columbia KGP 20 LP)  $30  VG/EX  1969,2lp,360 lbl,h2o oc
138784	Chandler, Gene:  The Two Sides of...  (Brunswick BL 754149 LP)  $31  VG/VG+  196?,yellow djl,rw,woc,wol
140618	Chanson:  S/T  (Ariola SW 50039 LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  1978,prst oc,modern soul,James Jamerson Jr.,Eddie Bongo Brown,Linda Evans
121560	Chanson:  S/T  (Ariola SW 50039 LP)  $53  SS  1978,modern soul,James Jamerson Jr.,Eddie Bongo Brown,Linda Evans,VG+ cover
115995	Chantels:  There's Our Song Again  (End 312(M) LP)  $34  VG+/VG+  1962
128929	Chapter 8:  Forever  (Capitol C1-46947 LP)  $31  VG+/EX  1988,modern soul,co,soc,"Give Me a Chance","Long Time to Love"
141954	Chapter 8:  S/T  (Ariola SW 50056 LP)  $80  SS  1979,modern soul,Anita Baker
120608	Charles, Ray:  The Great...  (Atlantic 1259(M) LP)  $43  VG+/VG+  1957,orange/purple label
159712	Charles, Ray:  The Original  (Hollywood HLP-504(M) LP)  $105  VG/VG+  1959,orig,smsplts,slrw
63846	Chi-Lites:  Chi-Lites  (Brunswick 754197 LP)  $45  VG+/M-  1973,brown cover,"Homely Girl",co
20448	Children of the Night:  Dinner with Drac!  (PIP 6822 LP)  $30  VG+/M-  1976
140137	Chocolate Jam Co.:  The Spread of the Future  (Epic JE 35746 LP)  $32  VG+/EX  1979,insert,lyric sleeve,prst obc
105290	Chocolate Milk:  S/T  (RCA APL1-1399 LP)  $32  SS  1976,co
160134	Clark, Chris:  Soul Sounds  (Motown MS 664 LP)  $75  VG/EX  1967,orig,co,rw,soc,"love's gone bad"
65128	Clay, Cassius:  I Am the Greatest  (Columbia 8893(M) LP)  $53  VG/VG+  1963,swoc
160173	Coasters:  Coast Along With...  (Atco 33-135(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG+  1962,co,soc,blue/orange label
136443	Cochran, Wayne:  High and Ridin'  (Bethlehem BS-10,002 LP)  $31  VG+/VG  196?-7?,"Satisfaction","Sister Sadie"
135156	Cochran, Wayne:  High and Ridin'  (Bethlehem BS-10,002 LP)  $43  VG/EX  196?-7?,woc,"Satisfaction","Sister Sadie"
155113	Cole, Natalie:  Thankful  (MFSL 1-032 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1977,audiophile
158658	Cole, Natalie:  Unforgettable With Love  (Elektra E1-61049 LP)  $45  SS  1991,2lp,orig inner sleeves
161038	Collins, Bootsy:  The One Giveth, the Count Taketh Away  (Warner Bros 23667 LP)  $35  EX  1982,white label test pressing,plain cover,p-funk
165189	Compost:  S/T  (Columbia C 31176 LP)  $65  EX/M-  1972,osw,Jack DeJohnette,Harold Vick
78615	Conn, Bennie:  Soul Music  (Groove Time GTR 1003 LP)  $33  VG/VG  1980,co
168239	Connors, Norman:  Mr. C  (Arista AL 9575 LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1981
62517	Controllers:  In Control  (Juana 200,001 LP)  $32  SS  197?,orig
149215	Cook County:  Pinball Playboy  (Motown M7-930 R1 LP)  $34  VG+/EX  1979,co
161143	Cooke, Sam:  The Legend Lives On!  (RCA JW-14315 LP)  $50  VG+/EX  1986,wlp,promo-only medleys mini-lp
73831	Cooley High OST:  Supremes, Wonder, 4 Tops, Allison, Temps, Cameron...  (Motown m7 840R2 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+/EX  1975,2lp,co
121206	Cortez, Dave "Baby":  And His Happy Organ  (Clock MG 20647-C(M) LP)  $33  EX/EX  1961
157435	Cortez, Dave "Baby":  The Happy Organ  (RCA Victor LSP-2099 LP)  $36  VG+/VG+  1959,orig living stereo
117303	Cosby, Bill:  Disco Bill  (Capitol ST-11683 LP)  $63  SS  1977,ex cover (slight corner bend),funky! with Stu Gardner,Wah Wah Watson
148055	Cosby, Bill:  Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!  (Warner Bros WS 1728 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  196?,gold label,rw,"Get Out of My Life Woman",Sgt Peppers beatlesong
157221	Cosby, Bill:  Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!  (Warner Bros WS 1728 LP)  $37  VG/EX  196?,gold label,slrw,"Get Out of My Life Woman",Sgt Peppers beatlesong
152194	Cosby, Bill:  Hooray for the Salvation Army Band!  (Warner Bros WS 1728 LP)  $41  EX/EX  196?,gold label,osw,co,"Get Out of My Life Woman",Sgt Peppers beatlesong
72678	Coupe Cloue:  The World of Coupe Cloue "L'International"  (Mini MRS 1081 LP)  $38  M-/EX  1979,Cajun French?
161531	Cream Publishing Group:  101 Hits Covers the World  (Cream LP)  $225  VG/EX  1978,rare publishers' sample compilation,mostly Stax/Hi Records songs,soc,rw
161529	Cream Publishing Group:  101 Hits Covers the World  (Cream LP)  $300  SS  1978,rare publishers' sample compilation,mostly Stax/Hi Records songs
135703	Croisette:  Keep It On Ice  (AVI 6066 LP)  $43  SS  1979,Ian Levine,disco
110319	Crystal Grass:  Crystal World  (Polydor PD 6516 LP)  $43  VG/EX  1974-1975,co,early disco - excellent cusp between funk and disco
109635	Crystal Grass:  The Love Train  (Mercury SRM 1-3729 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1978
104472	Curry, Clifford:  Greatest Hits "Then And Now"  (Wood Shed WS 001 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  197?,"She Shot A Hole In My Soul"
103932	Davis, Cliff:  Discotheque A-Go-Go  (Epic LN 24173(M) LP)  $43  VG+/M-  196?,wlp
105293	Davis, Tyrone:  I Had It All The Time  (Dakar DK 76901 LP)  $31  SS  1972,co
70256	Dayton:  S/T  (UA LT 1025 LP)  $53  SS  1980,co,corner building cover art
69748	DeBarges:  The De Barges  (Gordy G8 1003MI LP)  $48  VG+/M-  1981,unplayed wlp mint vinyl
147257	Deee-Lite:  Dewdrops In the Garden  (Elektra ED-6011 LP)  $125  SS  1994,2lp,rare vinyl edition,co,sost "Picnic In the Summertime"
141401	Dees, Sam:  The Show Must Go On  (Atlantic SD 18134 LP)  $125  VG+/EX  1975,co,osw
18975	Delfonics:  Alive & Kicking  (Philly Groove PG 1501 LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1974,wlp
147541	Diddley, Bo:  Big Bad Bo  (Chess CH 50047 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1974,orig,rw,bo goes funk
161037	Dodson, Venus:  Night Rider  (RFC/Warner Bros 3348 LP)  $45  M-  1979,white label test pressing,plain cover
156118	Doggett, Bill:  3,046 People Danced 'til 4AM  (Warner Bros WS 1404 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1961,gold label
157799	Doggett, Bill:  A Salute to Ellington  (King 533(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG+  195?-6?,orig,smsplt,split spine,rw,swobc
159554	Doss, Kenny:  Movin' On a Feelin'  (Bearsville BRK 6997 LP)  $30  SS  1980,modern soul
150770	Dramatics:  Shake It Well  (ABC AB-1010 LP)  $47  SS  1977
154766	Drew, Patti:  I've Been Here All the Time  (Capitol ST 2804 LP)  $45  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co
154767	Drew, Patti:  Wild is Love  (Capitol ST-408 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1969,osw,co
158687	Drew, Patti:  Wild is Love  (Capitol ST-408 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1969,co
73643	Drifters:  Good Life  (Atlantic(M) LP)  $31  EX/EX  1964,co
21223	Drifters:  Good Life  (Atlantic LP)  $38  M-/M-  1964,orig
36481	Drifters:  Good Life  (Atlantic(M) LP)  $38  M-/M-  1964,osw,co
102186	Drifters:  Good Life with...  (Atlantic 8103(M) LP)  $35  EX/EX  1964,wlp,original
157355	Drifters:  Greatest Hits  (Atlantic 8041(M) LP)  $35  VG/VG  1960,woc,orig
157436	E. Allen & F. Reidy:  The World of Percussion & Tuned Percussion 3  (De Wolfe DWS/LP 3342 LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1976,UK,library,timpani,bass drum,gong,snare,vibraphone
80023	Earth, Wind & Fire:  Another Time  (WB LP)  $31  VG/VG+  1974,2lp
111923	Earth, Wind & Fire:  Need of Love  (WB WS 1958 LP)  $53  VG+/M-  1971,wlp
141488	Earth, Wind & Fire:  Royalty of Rock  (RKO Radio Networks LP)  $45  VG+  1983,radio show with music interviews & commercials,cue sheet insert,no cover
159463	East Coast:  S/T  (RSO RS-1-3060 LP)  $33  EX/EX  1979,osw,sost
97776	Ebony Godfather:  Moog Fluting  (GRC GA 10006 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+/EX  1974,electronic keyboard,co
164921	Ebony Silhouette:  Soulful  (51 West Q 16034 LP)  $100  VG/EX  1979,rw
96589	Ebonys:  S/T  (Philadelphia Intl KZ 32419 LP)  $128  EX/M-  1973,Original,"Life in the Country","It's Forever" song sticker,djts
121611	Eddie Floyd:  Knock on Wood  (Stax S714 LP)  $33  VG+/VG  1967
103047	Edwards, Lee:  Shades Of Love  (D.T. Records LP)  $68  SS  1981,"Ingredients of Love - Parts 1&2","Who's Disco #1"
150816	Eight Minutes:  An American Family  (Perception PLP 27 LP)  $125  SS  1972
98481	Elbert, Donnie:  Stop in the Name of Love  (Trip TLP-9524 LP)  $38  VG/M-  1974,bikini cover art
134212	Elgins:  Darling Baby  (V.I.P. 400 LP)  $75  VG+/M-  1966,Holland & Dozier production
160172	Ellis, Shirley:  The Name Game  (Congress CGL-3003(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG+  196?,co,wobc,"the nitty gritty"
153090	Ellison, Lorraine:  Heart & Soul (Introducing Miss Lorraine Ellison)  (Warner Bros W 1674(M) LP)  $45  VG+/EX  196?,gold label,co
86425	Escorts:  3 Down 4 To Go  (Althia AR 9106 LP)  $40  VG+/M-  1974,prison singing group
33095	Essex:  Easier Said Than Done  (Roulette R 25234(M) LP)  $31  VG+/M-  
160166	Everett, Betty:  It's In His Kiss  (Vee Jay VJ 1077(M) LP)  $42  VG/EX  1964,soc,orig inner sleeve
150819	Exciters:  S/T  (Roulette SR-25326 LP)  $65  VG/EX  196?,slrw,swoc
143494	Faith, Hope & Charity:  S/T  (20th Century-Fox T-560 LP)  $35  SS  1978,co
138812	Family:  Music - Let it Thru  (Little City LC 1502 LP)  $150  VG+/VG+  1977,swoc
146746	Faze-O:  Riding High  (She SH 740 LP)  $40  EX/EX  1977,osw,orig
17676	Fiesta:  S/T  (Arista LP)  $38  M-/M-  co
73920	First Gear:  First Gear  (Myrrh MST 6505 LP LP)  $253  VG/EX  1972,rare 1st release!!, Larnelle Harris,"Get Happy","Peace Peace",very rare soul-funk !!
160175	Flamingos:  Their Hits Then & Now  (Philips PHS 600-206 LP)  $55  VG+/EX  1966,"boogaloo party"
71658	Floyd, Eddie:  California Girl  (Stax STM 2029(M) LP)  $31  VG/M-  197?,wlp,dj mono,soc,prst
148915	Four Tops:  Their Greatest Recordings  (At Ease MD-11102 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1978,military label,soc
123168	Fourteen Karat Soul:  Lovers' Fantasy  (Catamount 907 LP)  $125  SS  197?,Rare NJ Soul (disco/doo-wop)
138804	Franklin, Aretha:  Runnin' Out of Fools  (Columbia CL 2281(M) LP)  $31  VG+/EX  1964,orig two eye label
147521	Franklin, Aretha:  The Electrifying...  (Columbia CL 1761(M) LP)  $45  EX/M-  1962,orig two eye label,osw,"Rough Lover"
40156	Freedom:  Changes of Time  (Malaco MAL 7403 LP)  $46  SS  
115733	Freeman, Evelyn:  Sky High  (Imperial LP 9101(M) LP)  $43  VG/EX  195?-196?,orig stars label,wlp,soc,black gospel pop singer,"Didn't It Rock, Part 1 & 2" - early black r&b songs!!
112530	French Kiss:  Panic  (Polydor PD 1 6197 LP)  $30  M-/M-  1979,osw
86697	Funk Inc.:  Priced to Sell  (Prestige P 10087 LP)  $53  EX/M-  1974,wlp
163485	Funkadelic:  S/T  (Westbound 2000 LP)  $42  VG+/VG+  1970,orig,dark cover,p-funk
126493	Funkadelic:  Tales of Kidd Funkadelic  (Westbound W-227 LP)  $50  VG+  1976,white label test pressing,p-funk,stock cover (plain white cover)
161197	Gamble, Kenny, Leon Huff & Thom Bell:  Mighty Three Music: We Have a Song for You  (Mighty Three Music LP)  $225  VG/EX  1979,3lp box,rare publishers' sample compilation,rw
121566	Gap Band:  Magicians Holiday  (Shelter SR-2111 LP)  $30  VG/EX  1974,breaks,co,ring wear
130748	Gap Band:  Magicians Holiday  (Shelter SR-2111 LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  1974,breaks,co,slrw,osw
160187	Gaye, Marvin:  Hello Broadway  (Tamla TM-259(M) LP)  $60  VG/EX  1964,orig
73631	Gaye, Marvin:  M.P.G.  (Tamla TS-292 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1969,co
135184	Gaye, Marvin:  M.P.G.  (Tamla TS-292 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1969,osw,sm stain obc
59365	Gaye, Marvin:  Profiles (What's Going On, That's The Way Love Is)  (Tamla Motown LP)  $53  EX/EX  1971,2lp,Germany
160617	Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell:  United  (Tamla TS 277 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1967,orig,osw
156921	Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell:  United  (Tamla TS 277 LP)  $37  VG+/EX  1967,orig,osw
121193	Geyer, Renee:  S/T  (Portrait ARR 37949 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1982
123104	Geyer, Renee:  S/T  (Polydor PD 1 6101 LP)  $125  EX/EX  1977,wlp,"Heading In The Right Direction"
140891	Gichy Dan's Beachwood #9:  S/T  (RCA AFL 1 2938 LP)  $100  VG/VG+  1979,disco-calypso,King Creole
157296	Gichy Dan's Beachwood #9:  S/T  (RCA AFL 1 2938 LP)  $155  SS  1979,co,vg+ cover,disco-calypso,King Creole
156576	Glass:  Introducing...  (HCRC HLP-20014 LP)  $60  SS  1983,vg+ cover
158757	Grier, Roosevelt:  Soul City  (RIC M 1008(M) LP)  $40  VG/VG  1964,"In My Tenement",Jack Nitzsche arrangements,swoc
9141	Gwangwa,Jonas & African Explosion:  Who (Ngubani)?  (Jamal LPS 335 LP)  $145  SS  197?,gfld,funky african fusion
59968	Hall, Bobbye:  Body Language...  (20th Century LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1977,co
85848	Hamilton Affair:  For Roy  (Monument MG 7607 LP)  $48  M-/VG+  1976,co,good funky disco homage to Roy Hamilton with Clyde Otis and Herman Kelly?
119578	Hamilton Affair:  ...For Roy  (Monument MG7607 LP)  $50  M-/VG+  1976,osw,co
164443	Hamilton, Roy:  Sentimental Lonely & Blue  (MGM E-4233(M) LP)  $65  SS  1964,co
126992	Hamilton, Roy:  The Golden Boy  (Epic LN 3364(M) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1957
155277	Hamilton, Roy:  With All My Love  (Epic LN 3519(M) LP)  $38  VG+/SS  195?-6?,inner seal intact,sm stain obc,Neal Hefti
111158	Hampton, Lionel:  Off Into A Black Thing  (Brunswick BL 7 54213 LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1976,"Funky Chicken"
141190	Hathaway, Donny:  S/T  (Atco SD 33 360 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1971,orig
121230	Hayes, Isaac:  Black Moses  (Enterprise ENS-5003 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  197?,2lp,huge fold-out cover,slrw on front
103919	Hayes, Isaac:  Open End Radio Special With Isaac Hayes  (Stax EM 0359 LP)  $43  M-/EX/M-  1972,wlp,promo only,osw,promo bio inserts
158866	Haywood, Leon:  Come & Get Yourself Some  (20th Century T-476 LP)  $45  SS  1975,sost "I Want'A Do Something Freaky To You"
69547	Headhunters:  Straight from the Gate  (Arista AB 4146 LP)  $31  VG/EX  1977,co
116016	Headhunters:  Straight from the Gate  (Arista AB 4146 LP)  $45  SS  1977,co
58610	Heart:  Radio Show #86-24  (Westwood One LP)  $43  M-/EX/M-  6/9/1986,2lp
136592	Heaven & Earth:  Fantasy  (Mercury SRM-1-3763 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1979,prst obc
101125	Heaven & Earth:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-3722 LP)  $63  SS  1978,"Let's Work It Out"
19141	Hesitations:  Where We're At  (Kapp(M) LP)  $43  M-/M-  WLP,djts,dj mono
145774	Hoctor:  Dancin' at the Caravan Vol. 2  (Hoctor HLPS-4251 LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  197?,"Play That Funky Music","Shake Your Booty",woc
98643	Holloway, Loleatta:  Loleatta  (Goldmind GZS 7500 LP)  $31  VG/EX/VG+  1976,soc
73611	Horne, Lena:  Here's Lena - Now!!!  (20th Century TFM 3115(M) LP)  $43  SS  early 196?,orig,osw, nice mono copy!
168001	Howell, Reuben:  S/T  (Motown M 771L-DJ LP)  $37  VG+/EX  1973,slrw
145190	Howell, Reuben:  S/T  (Motown M 771L-DJ LP)  $38  VG/EX  1973,wlp
71661	Hubbard, Freddie:  Soul Experiment  (Atlantic 1526(M) LP)  $98  EX/EX  1969,wlp,dj mono,prst
153873	Huff, Terry & Special Delivery:  The Lonely One  (Mainstream MRL 420 LP)  $34  M-/M-  1976,osw,sost "I Destroyed Your Love"
1969	Huff, Terry & Special Delivery:  The Lonely One  (Mainstream MRL 420 LP)  $42  SS  1976,sost "I Destroyed Your Love"
57977	Humphrey, Paul:  Supermellow  (Blue Thumb LP)  $35  SS  1973,co,orig
17469	Hutson, LeRoy:  Closer to the Source  (Curtom LP)  $35  SS  1978
134186	Hutson, LeRoy:  Love Oh Love  (Curtom CRS 8017 LP)  $33  VG+/VG  1973,2nd press,swoc
36111	Hutson, LeRoy:  The Man!  (Curtom CRS 8020 LP)  $38  SS  1971,lyric insert,co
145194	Impressions:  One by One  (ABC-Paramount ABC-523(M) LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  196?,wlp,signed obc by KAUS dj - Jerry Waite?
104343	Impressions:  Preacher Man  (Curtom CRS 8016 LP)  $35  SS  1973,co
135435	Impressions:  Three the Hard Way OST  (Curtom CRS 8602-ST LP)  $43  VG+/EX  1974,orig,blaxploitation
3055	Incredibles:  Heart &Soul  (Audio Arts AAS 7000 LP)  $41  SS  197?,"Standing Here Crying"
146395	Inner Life:  Inner Life II  (Salsoul SA 8554 LP)  $45  EX/M-  1982,osw,co
160170	Intruders:  Cowboys to Girls  (Gamble GLP-5004 LP)  $65  VG+/VG+  1968,osw
155974	Isley Brothers:  It's Your Thing, It's Our Thing  (T Neck TNS 3001 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1969,co,slrw,orig
108878	Isley Brothers:  This Old Heart of Mine  (Tamla 269 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1966,orig side by side globes label
160168	Ivory, Jackie:  Soul Discovery  (Atco 33-178(M) LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1965,osw
120305	Jackson, Chuck:  Encore!  (Wand 655(M) LP)  $65  EX/M-  196?,orig,co(bb)
145494	Jackson, Chuck:  Goin' Back to Jackson  (Motown MS687 LP)  $35  EX/EX  1969,osw
106876	Jackson, Chuck:  The Great  (Strand SLS 1125 LP)  $43  VG/VG  196?
134245	Jackson, Deon:  Love Makes the World Go Round  (Atco SD 33-188 LP)  $48  VG/VG  1966,woc
19661	Jackson, J.J.:  Dilemma  (Perception PLP 3 LP)  $40  SS  197?
136976	Jackson, J.J.:  The Great J.J. Jackson  (Warner Bros WS 1797 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  196?,co
123174	Jackson, Melvin:  Funky Skull  (Limelight LS 86071 LP)  $249  EX/M-  1969,white label promo!!,very funky with electronic synthesizer!!,ORIGINAL PRESSING in the best shape we've seen!!
86700	Jackson, Millie:  I Got To Try It One Time  (Spring SPR 6701 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1974,co
166017	Jackson, Millie:  Lovingly Yours  (Spring SP-1-6712 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1976,wlp,prst obc
133871	Jacksons:  S/T  (Epic EPC 86009 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1976,Italy
97051	James, Etta:  Etta James Sings  (United US 7712 LP)  $48  SS  196?
140273	James, Jesse:  It Takes One to Know One  (TTED TDE LP 0026 LP)  $32  SS  1987,sost "I Can Do Bad By Myself",scratch oc
160100	James, Jesse:  S/T  (20th Century-Fox S-3197 LP)  $55  VG/EX  1968,"Facts of Life '68",co,soc,rw
93290	JB's:  Damn Right I Am Somebody  (People PE 6602 LP)  $78  VG+/EX  1974,co,dj insert,djl
69398	JB's:  Groove Machine  (Drive 111 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1979,co,wlp
141951	Johnson, Al:  Peaceful  (Olde World WML 5000 LP)  $225  SS  1978,original,groovy mellow soul on rare label,vg+ cover
119568	Johnson, Orlando & Trance:  Turn the Music On  (Ariola 205 974 LP)  $175  M-/EX/VG+  1983,Germany,osw
101776	Joneses:  Keepin' Up With The Joneses  (Mercury SRM-1-1021 LP)  $43  VG+/EX  1974,co
68123	Kenner, Chris:  Land of 1000 Dances  (Atlantic 8117(M) LP)  $153  SS  1966,shrink is only partly torn at the top seam
81466	Kerr, George:  if This World Were Mine  (All Platinum AP 3004 LP)  $153  VG/M-  early 197?,just 4 songs (all great) includes strange female vocal sexy sounding "If This World Were Mine" 8 minutes long, and "Love is God Almighty"
21938	King Curtis & the Shirelles:  Eternally, Soul  (Scepter LP)  $43  M-/M-  
109072	King, Anna:  Back to Soul  (Smash SRS 67059 LP)  $175  VG+/M-  1964,James Brown production,orig!!
155526	King, Ben E.:  Audio Biography  (Mandala MA-3008 LP)  $44  VG+/EX  1972,interview disc
160171	King, Ben E.:  Spanish Harlem  (Atco 33-133(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1961,co,blue/orange label
134344	Kitty & the Haywoods:  Excuse Me, I've Got a Life to Catch  (Capitol ST-12149 LP)  $61  EX/M-  1981,osw
146588	Kleeer:  Intimate Connection  (Atlantic 80145-1 LP)  $72  VG+/VG+  1984,osw,modern soul,sost "Next Time It's for Real"
157087	Kleeer:  Winners  (Atlantic SD 19262 LP)  $35  SS  1979,co
73618	Knight, Gladys & Pips:  S/T  (Maxx 3000(M) LP)  $253  VG+/VG+/EX  1964,rare 2nd album original release!,with m- poster,co
164134	Kokomo:  S/T  (Columbia PC 33442 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1975,Canada,co
138751	Kool & the Gang:  Light of Worlds  (De-Lite DEP 2014 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1974,orig,gfld,soc
167915	Kool & the Gang:  Open Sesame  (De-Lite DEP 2023 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  1976,gfld,woc,wol,co
140187	Kool & the Gang:  Something Special  (VMC International DEP-2613 LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  1981,Philipines
123105	Kool and the Gang:  Live at P.J.'s  (De-Lite DE 2010 LP)  $175  SS  early 197?,gfld,co (small clean sawmark),impossible still sealed original!!
137885	L.A. Boppers:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-3816 LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  1980,"Funk it Out",insert,woc
147447	L.A. Boppers:  S/T  (Mercury SRM-1-3816 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1980,"Funk it Out",insert
168164	Labelle:  Moon Shadow  (Warner Bros BS 2618 LP)  $34  VG/EX  1972,rw,co,insert,smsplt
156863	Labelle:  Moon Shadow  (Warner Bros BS 2618 LP)  $40  VG/EX  1972,wlp,insert,co,woc
166160	Labelle:  S/T  (Warner Bros WS 1943 LP)  $45  SS  1971,co,Gene Cornish,Al Kooper
160169	LaBelle, Patti & the Bluebelles:  Dreamer  (Atlantic 8147(M) LP)  $60  VG/EX  1967,orig,soc,co
58705	LaBelle, Patti & the Bluebelles:  Dreamer  (Atlantic LP)  $67  EX/M-  1967,co,orig
119579	Lance, Herb:  Comeback  (Chess LP-1506(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG+  1966,co
160370	Lance, Major:  Major's Greatest Hits  (Okeh OKM 12110(M) LP)  $50  VG/EX  196?,soc,staple holes oc
105376	LaSalle, Denise:  Trapped by a Thing Called Love  (Westbound WB 2012 LP)  $31  VG/M-  197?,co
111162	Last Poets:  Jazzoetry  (Douglas ADLP 6001 LP)  $33  VG/M-  1976,co,rw,swoc
17475	Last Poets:  Oh My People  (Celluloid LP)  $35  SS  
124075	Last Poets:  S/T  (Douglas 3 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  197?,gfld,orig company inner sleeve
119580	Last Poets:  S/T  (Douglas 3 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  197?,gfld,nice orig company inner sleeve
119818	Lemon:  S/T  (Prelude PRL 12162 LP)  $40  SS  1978,co
137773	Lennear, Claudia:  Phew!  (Warner Bros BS 2654 LP)  $55  VG+/M-  1973,wlp,gfld,Allen Toussaint production
86500	Lester, Bobby:  Bobby Lester  (Columbia CS 9963 LP)  $31  VG/VG  early 197?,of the moonglows, rare later soul lp on orig 360 label
123132	Lewis, Linda:  2 Originals Of Linda Lewis  (Reprise K84008 LP)  $150  VG+/M-  1976,2lp,original UK repackaging of Lark and Fathoms Deep - rare!!
111483	Lewis, Linda:  Fathoms Deep  (Reprise MS 2172 LP)  $33  EX/EX  1973,prst,lyric sheet
71755	Lewis, Linda:  Not a Little Girl Anymore  (Arista AL 1047 LP)  $41  SS  1975,co
123134	Lewis, Linda:  Say No More  (Reprise K44130 LP)  $175  VG+/VG+  1971,UK,georgeous sweet soul - rare!!,incl. lyrics insert
79775	Lipstique:  At The Discotheque  (Ensign ENGY 2 LP)  $43  VG+/M-  1978,UK,early techno disco,"Mah Nah Mah Nah"
18733	Little Milton:  Grits ain't Groceries  (Checker LPS 3011 LP)  $43  M-/EX/M-  196?,osw
168035	Logan, Geri:  Come & Get It  (MCA 5298 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1982,prst oc,slrw,east la/modern soul
41988	Lord, CM:  S/T  (Capitol LP)  $35  SS  1976,co
144875	Love Sounds:  Ebb Tide  (Pye 12127 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1975,Tony Hatch,disco
145799	Love Sounds:  Ebb Tide  (Pye 12127 LP)  $33  EX/VG+  1975,Tony Hatch,disco,osw,co
36138	Love Twins:  Temptation  (AVI LP)  $33  SS  
119900	Lymon, Frankie & the Teenagers:  The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon  (Gee GLP 701(M) LP)  $203  VG+/VG  1957,orig red label,toc
147302	Lynne, Gloria:  Happy & In Love  (Canyon LP-7709 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  197?,gfld,Paul Humphrey
71660	Macdermot, Galt:  Hair Pieces  (Verve FT 3045(M) LP)  $33  EX/M-/EX  1968,osw,wlp,dj mono,prst
111772	Machine:  Machine  (RCA/Hologram AFL1 3410 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1979,"There But for the Grace of God Go I" uncensored version sost,lyric sleeve
160102	Mad Lads:  The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lads  (Volt VOM-6005(M) LP)  $45  VG/VG+  196?-7?,dj mono
153839	Madelaine:  Who Is She...  (Chi Sound/UA CH-LA863-H LP)  $95  VG+/EX  1978,breaks,co,slrw,soc
36599	Madhouse:  Serve 'Em  (Today TLP 1010 LP)  $78  SS  1972,now rare funk classic,"Last Apocalypse",Nixon caricature cover art
168362	Magic Lady:  Hot 'n' Sassy  (A&M SP-6-4891 LP)  $35  VG/VG  1982,prst obc
116014	Mahoaney, Skip:  Land of Love  (Abet 410 LP)  $53  SS  1976,gfld,co(bb)
109046	Mahoaney, Skip & the Casuals:  Land of Love  (Abet 410 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1976,gfld,unplayed
111625	Mandrill:  S/T  (Polydor 24-4050 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  1970,gfld,rare 1st lp
20392	Manhattans:  A Million to One  (Deluxe 12004-498 LP)  $41  VG+/M-  1972
61779	Manhattans:  A Million to One  (Deluxe 12004-498 LP)  $48  SS  1972
66038	Manhattans:  A Million to One  (Deluxe 12004-498 LP)  $50  SS  1972,"One Life To Live",sost
61780	Manhattans:  Doing Their Best Things  (Upfront 120 LP)  $33  SS  
93269	Manhattans:  Follow Your Heart  (Solid Smoke SS-8007 LP)  $38  SS  197?,gfld,says "41 of 300" on the back cover
64448	Mar-Keys & Booker T/MG's:  Back to Back  (Stax 720 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1967
18292	Marcus, Steve:  Lord's Prayer  (Vortex LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1969,wlp,prst
74667	Marcus, Steve:  Lord's Prayer  (Vortex LP)  $31  EX/M-  1969
160641	Marvelettes:  The Return of...  (Tamla TS-305 LP)  $30  VG/M-  1970,rw,soc,co
135680	Mary Jane Girls:  S/T  (Gordy 6040GL LP)  $33  SS  1983,Rick James,co,seal partially open
168122	Matlock, Ronn:  Love City  (Cotillion SD 5213 LP)  $70  VG/VG+  1978,lyric sleeve,prst oc,rw,swoc
126740	Mayfield, Curtis:  Curtis/Live!  (Curtom CRS 8008 LP)  $33  VG/VG+  1971,2lp,smsplts,slrw
134607	Mayfield, Curtis:  His Early Years With the Impressions  (ABC ABCX-780/2 LP)  $51  SS  1973,2lp,vg+ cover
134606	Mayfield, Curtis:  Sweet Exorcist  (Curtom CRS 8601 LP)  $43  VG+/EX  1974,gfld,slrw,swoc
87850	McCracklin, Jimmy:  I Just Gotta Know  (Imperial LP9219(M) LP)  $178  SS  1964,rare still sealed!! in the original oversized shrinkwrap - nice
86724	McCracklin, Jimmy:  Let's Get Together  (Minit LP 24011 LP)  $78  EX/M-  late 196?
71782	McDaniels, Eugene:  The Mack OST  (ALA 1995 LP)  $75  SS  1983,rare score by mcdaniels,"Kill Fats","Slim","In The Beginning",shrink torn a little
49466	McDaniels, Gene:  Hit After Hit  (Liberty LP)  $33  M-/M-  1962,"Point of No Return",sost,osw
146550	McDaniels, Gene:  The Wonderful World of...  (Liberty LST-7311 LP)  $33  M-/EX  1963,osw
106594	McPhatter, Clyde:  Golden Blues Hits  (Mercury SR 60655 LP)  $31  EX/VG+  195?,Holland
139772	Memphis Horns:  Band II  (RCA Victor APL1-2643 LP)  $30  VG+/EX  1978,prst obc
138780	Memphis Horns:  Horns for Everything  (Million 1018 LP)  $38  VG/VG  1972,smsplt
131288	Memphis Horns:  Horns for Everything  (Million 1018 LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1972,co,swoc
71645	Meriwether, Roy:  Jesus Christ Superstar Goes Jazz  (Notes of Gold SLP 7200 LP)  $78  VG+/M-  1972,wlp,co
112040	Merman, Ethel:  Disco Album  (A&M SP 4775 LP)  $30  EX/M-  1979
152580	Meters:  Cabbage Alley  (Reprise MS 2076 LP)  $48  VG/VG+  1972,slrw,sticker wear oc
65357	Meters:  New Directions  (WB BS 3042 LP)  $41  VG+/M-  1977
98486	Meters:  New Directions  (WB BS 3042 LP)  $43  SS  1977,ex cover,co
110518	Meters:  Rejuvenation  (Reprise MS 2200 LP)  $48  EX/EX  1974,osw,co
69653	Meters:  Trick Bag  (Reprise MS 2252 LP)  $48  VG/EX  1976,juicy bootie cover in cutoffs,soc
165892	Miracles:  Away We A Go Go  (Tamla TM 271(M) LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1966,orig,side by side globes
72057	Miracles:  Christmas With The Miracles  (Tamla 236(M) LP)  $328  EX/EX  1963 original !!,rare in ex shape (vinyl still has nice lustre!)
84097	Mirage:  Princes of Love  (RCA APL1 2777 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1978
36614	Mirage:  Princes of Love  (RCA APL1 2777 LP)  $48  EX/M-  1978
159211	Mitchell, McKinley:  I Won't Be Back for More  (Retta's Ret LP-0002 LP)  $35  SS  1984
19167	Moments:  Best of...  (Stang LP)  $31  EX/M-/EX  
147486	Moments:  Greatest Hits  (Chess CH2-92517 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1984,2lp,osw
19646	Moments:  Moments with You  (Stang LP)  $38  SS  gfld
82773	Montgomery, Monk:  It's Never Too Late  (Chisa C 00801S LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1969
4585	Moonglows:  Collector's Showcase  (Constellation(M) LP)  $48  EX/M-  
72026	Moonglows:  Collectors Showcase Vol. II  (Constellation CS 2(M) LP)  $38  VG/M-  1962,soc
58706	Moore, Bobby:  Searching for my Love  (Checker LPS 3000 LP)  $65  VG+/M-  1966,co (cover&label)
123125	Moore, Rudy Ray:  Close Encounter of the Sex Kind  (Kent KST 026 LP)  $125  SS  197?,rare still sealed original!!
81716	Moore, Rudy Ray:  Eat Out More Often  (Kent KST 001 LP)  $78  EX/EX  197?,adults only
123124	Moore, Rudy Ray:  Return Of Dolemite  (Kent KST 010 LP)  $65  VG/VG  197?,2nd press gfld,toc,rare and raunchy x-rated rap
123123	Moore, Rudy Ray:  Return Of Dolemite  (Kent KST 010 LP)  $250  M-/EX  197?,osw,rare and raunchy x-rated rap,original ,nude sexual scene cover art,feat. the Grunts and Groands of Love
160475	Moroder, Giorgio:  Battlestar Galactica  (Casablanca NBLP 7126 LP)  $65  VG+/EX  1978
48115	Morrison, Jesse:  Versatility of...  (Abet 408 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1975
140475	Motown Magic Disco Machine:  Volume 2  (Motown M6-857S1 LP)  $30  SS  1976
46897	Muribus, George:  Brazilian Tapestry  (Catalyst LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1976,gfld
69645	Mutiny:  Funk Plus the One  (Columbia JC 36597 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1980,wlp,custom inner sleeve
61245	Natural Four:  Nightchaser  (Curtom CU 5008 LP)  $31  SS  1976
130481	Nazty:  I Got to Move  (Mankind 206 LP)  $35  VG/M-  1976,gfld,co,original,crazy cover art,sl h2o damage oc
21903	Nazty:  I Got to Move  (Mankind 206 LP)  $50  SS  1976,gfld,original,crazy cover art
138320	Ndugu & the Chocolate Jam Co.:  Do I Make You Feel Better?  (Epic JE 36377 LP)  $35  VG/EX  1980,wlp,lyric sleeve,slrw,soc,modern soul
121591	Neville Brothers:  Fiyo on the Bayou  (A&M SP-4866 LP)  $30  EX/EX  1981
106543	Neville Brothers:  Fiyo on the Bayou  (A&M SP 4866 LP)  $33  EX/M-  1981,wobc
2232	Neville Brothers:  S/T  (Capitol LP)  $38  SS  1976,co,seal partly open
65842	Newman, David:  Captain Buckles  (Cotillion 18002 LP)  $63  EX/M-  1971,promo sost
47439	Newman, David:  Lonely Avenue  (Atlantic LP)  $38  SS  1972,co
71787	Nightingale, Ollie:  Troubled in Mind  (Retta LP 0001 LP)  $78  VG/EX/VG+  1983,wobc "Promo Copy"
132149	Nite-Liters:  Different Strokes  (RCA Victor LSP-4767 LP)  $78  VG+/M-  1972,orig,djts oc,breaks "Buck & the Preacher","Funky Vamp"
109363	Nite-Liters:  Morning, Noon & the Nite-Liters  (RCA Victor LSP 4493 LP)  $63  SS  1971,co,ex corner
160095	Nobles, Cliff:  Pony the Horse  (Moon Shot MS 601 LP)  $30  VG/EX  1969,co,wobc,soc
130919	O'Hara's Playboys:  Get Ready!  (Fontana SRF-67581 LP)  $43  VG+/VG+  1968,northern soul-related,gold djl,co,"Funky Broadway","Respect","Get Ready","Satisfaction"
111921	O'Jays:  Everything You Always Wanted To Hear By...  (Philadelphia Intl ASZ 140 LP)  $43  VG+/M-  1975,co,wlpromo only,orig inner sleeve
131314	O'Jays:  Full of Soul  (Sunset SUS-5222 LP)  $31  EX/EX  196?,osw,"Lipstick Traces","Stand Tall"
61167	O'Jays:  Super Bad  (Trip 9510 LP)  $43  SS  "Peace",ex cover
72060	Oliphant, Grassella:  Grass is Greener  (Atlantic SD 1494 LP)  $98  SS  1967,green/blue label,co,shrink partly removed,rare still sealed copy
46759	Ollie & Nightingales:  S/T  (Stax(M) LP)  $78  VG+/EX  1969,djl,dj mono
148686	Omni:  Omni Says It All  (Fountain FR-1-801 LP)  $38  VG+  1980,wlp,plain cover,modern soul
139840	Omni:  S/T  (Mercury 422-818 035-1 M-1 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1984,osw,wobc
138134	Original Nutmegs:  Shoo-Wop-a-Doo-Wop  (Quicksilver QS-1001 LP)  $30  VG/EX  197?,rw
83791	Osibisa:  S/T  (Decca LP)  $31  SS  1971,gfld
140019	Osiris:  Since Before Our Time  (Warner Bros BSK 3311 LP)  $30  SS  1979,co
139801	Ozone:  Glasses  (Motown 6037ML LP)  $35  SS  1983
143365	Ozone:  Walk On  (Motown M7-938R1 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1980,prst oc
119619	Paris, Freddie:  Lovin' Mood  (RCA LSP-4064 LP)  $30  VG+/VG+  1968,orange label,deep groove,northern soul,swobc
112785	Parliament:  Up for the Down Stroke  (Casablanca NB 9003 LP)  $78  M-/M-  1974,osw,co,p-funk
36163	Patterson, Kellee:  All The Things You Are  (Shady Brook LP)  $33  SS  1979,orig
57208	People's Choice:  We Got The Rhythm  (Phila Int 25AP 119 LP)  $35  EX/M-  1976,Japan
123173	Pharaohs:  Awakening  (Scarab SR 001 LP)  $195  VG+/VG+  197?,private press soul-jazz rarity from Chitown!
57982	Philadelphia:  Philadelphia  (RCA LP)  $31  SS  1974,co
134412	Phillips, Esther:  Esther  (Atlantic 8122(M) LP)  $33  VG/VG+  1966,woc,wol
121614	Phillips, Esther:  Live at Freddie Jett's Pied Piper, L.A.  (Atlantic SD 1565 LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  1970,King Curtis
67792	Phillips, Sandra:  Too Many People In One Bed  (Canyon 7712 LP)  $78  SS  early 197?,exciting,groovy,funky...,ex cover
135393	Pickett, Wilson:  Chocolate Mountain  (Wicked Alb. 9001 LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1976,gfld,slrw,wobc
111532	Pickett, Wilson:  I'm in Love  (Atlantic SD 8175 LP)  $32  VG+/M-  1968
119620	Pickett, Wilson:  Midnight Mover  (Atlantic SD 8183 LP)  $30  EX/VG+  1966,osw,orig green/blue label,co
130405	Pickett, Wilson:  The Exciting...  (Atlantic SD 8129 LP)  $38  EX/VG+  1966,osw
130404	Pickett, Wilson:  Wicked Pickett  (Atlantic SD 8138 LP)  $31  VG+/VG+  1966,osw,orig green blue label stereo,sost "Mustang Sally"
124733	Pillow, Faith:  Faith Pillow  (Uncle Tunes 101018X LP)  $195  SS  1981,very minor rackwear,a few very small tears in shrink,shady lady,winston,natural woman,sanity,love me right,songbird,wave,blackbird
124076	Platters:  S/T  (Mercury MG 20146(M) LP)  $68  VG/VG+  1956,orig black label,first album
109550	Pleasure:  Sting  (ABC AA 1110 LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1978
132871	Poppies:  Lullaby of Love  (Epic BN 26200 LP)  $115  EX/VG+  196?,osw,northern soul
138831	Port Authority:  US Navy Band  (Navy 71001 LP)  $55  EX/VG+  197?,osw,"Funkophobia",military band
167455	Prince:  Sign O the Times  (Paisley Park 25577-1 LP)  $35  SS  1987,2lp,heart sticker on shrink
132159	Qualls, Sidney Joe:  I Enjoy Loving You  (Dakar DK 76914 LP)  $43  VG/EX  1974,orig,co,rw,soc,woc
139937	Quazar:  S/T  (Arista AB 4187 LP)  $40  EX/EX  1978,p-funk,osw,sost "Funk n Roll",inner sleeve
135523	Quazar:  S/T  (Arista AB 4187 LP)  $53  SS  1978,p-funk,inner sleeve
122528	Record, Eugene:  Trying To Get To You  (Warner Bros BSK 3097 LP)  $40  SS  1978,co
89225	Reflections:  Just Like Romeo & Juliet  (Golden World GW LPM-300(M) LP)  $160  VG+/VG+/EX  1964
159318	Righteous Brothers:  Gigantes del Pop Vol. 6  (Polydor 24 86 211 LP)  $40  SS  1981,Spain
155837	Righteous Brothers:  The Best of...  (Moonglow S 1004 LP)  $34  M-/EX  1966,osw
121565	Ripple Blast Band:  The Greatest R&B Instrumental Hits  (Power S9006 LP)  $38  VG+/VG  196?,"Horse Fever","Watermelon Man","Windy"
131229	Robinson, Freddy:  At the Drive-In  (Enterprise ENS-1025 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1972,Paul Humphrey,Clydie King,Wilton Felder,Monk Higgins,Joe Sample,rw,co,soc,woc
96179	Robinson, Johnny:  Memphis High  (Epic BN 26528 LP)  $98  VG+/M-  197?,original soul rarity
135605	Robinson, Smokey:  The Songs of Smokey Robinson  (Jobete/Motown PRO-2 LP)  $300  SS  1974,rare publishers sample comp,vg+ cover
149159	Rosebud:  Discoballs: A Tribute to Pink Floyd  (Flarenasch 723.601 LP)  $35  EX/VG  1977,France,nude cover art,osw,sost "Money"
28782	Ross, Jackie:  A New Beginning  (Golden Ear GE 2282 LP)  $225  SS  1980 orig.,mega-rare northern/modern soul local chicago lp with Southside Movement and Ben Wright,"Betcha by golly wow","I Who Have Nothing","The World Needs More People Like You"
154307	Round Trip:  S/T  (MCA 5194 LP)  $55  VG+  1981,in-demand detroit modern soul,Al Perkins production,white label test pressing,plain cover
139774	Roundtree:  Discocide  (Mango MLPS 9527 LP)  $75  VG/EX  1978,co,sost "Get On Up (Get On Down)"
157265	Royalettes:  It's Gonna Take A Miracle  (MGM E-4332(M) LP)  $40  VG/M-  196?,"I Want To Meet Him",co,vg cover
138108	Ruby & the Romantics:  Our Day Will Come  (Kapp KL-1323(M) LP)  $38  VG/EX  1963,co
104345	Ruffin Brothers:  I Am My Brother's Keeper  (Soul SS728 LP)  $37  SS  1969,co,ex cover
19713	Rush, Bobby:  Man can give it, but he can't...  (LaJam LP)  $38  SS  1988
74352	Rush, Bobby:  Rush Hour  (Phila Int 35509 LP)  $31  EX/M-  1979,lyric sleeve,wlp
47080	Rush, Bobby:  Wearing it Out  (LaJam LP)  $33  M-/M-  1983
152470	S.S.O. Orchestra:  Tonight's the Night  (Shady Brook SB 33-001 LP)  $31  VG/EX  1975,feat. Douglas Lucas & Sugar Sisters,soc
3009	Sain, Oliver:  Blue Max  (Abet 407 LP)  $31  SS  1975
134645	Sam & Dave:  Double Dynamite  (Stax 712 LP)  $43  VG/EX  1966,woc,swol
151600	San Remo Golden Strings:  Hungry for Love  (Gordy GS 923 LP)  $67  VG+/VG+  1967,slrw
164327	San Remo Golden Strings:  Hungry for Love  (Gordy G-923(M) LP)  $71  VG+/EX  1967
159626	San Remo Golden Strings:  Hungry for Love  (Gordy GS 923 LP)  $82  VG/SS  1967,sl h2o oc
147316	Santos, Larry:  Just a Man  (Evolution 2002 LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1969,co
159569	Santos, Larry:  Just a Man  (Evolution 2002 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1969,co
124706	Sapphires:  Who Do You Love  (Swan LP-513(M) LP)  $183  VG+/EX  1964 original
80037	Sapphires:  Who Do You Love  (Swan LP 513(M) LP)  $198  VG+/M-  1964
111650	Saturday Night Band:  Keep Those Lovers Dancing  (Prelude PRL 508 BS LP)  $38  VG+/M-  1979,2lp,Moses Dillard prod.,Lorraine Johnson vox,special package for disco dj's with 2x12" LP's,disco versions
150421	Saunders, Larry:  Free Angela  (Golden Triangle GT/SLP-100 LP)  $150  M-/M-  early 70s original soul compilation with two great northern soul #'s: Dickie Wonder "Nobody Knows" & Tyrone Thomas' version of Little Tommy's "Baby Can't You See"
17371	Saunders, Larry:  Free Angela  (Golden Triangle GT/SLP-100 LP)  $175  SS  early 70s original soul compilation with two great northern soul #'s: Dickie Wonder "Nobody Knows" & Tyrone Thomas' version of Little Tommy's "Baby Can't You See"
107663	Schifrin, Lalo:  Music from Mission Impossible  (Dot DLP 25831 LP)  $43  SS  196?
119572	Scott, Freddie:  Lonely Man  (Columbia CL2660(M) LP)  $78  SS  1967
160174	Scott, Freddie:  Sings  (Colpix SCP 461 LP)  $50  VG+/VG+  196?,slrw
80571	Seale, Bobby:  Gagged And Chained  (Certron CSS2 2001 LP)  $63  SS  1970,2lp,black spoken word,chicago conspiracy trial,ex cover
36188	Sexercise:  S/T  (ALA 1993 LP)  $38  SS  1983,sexy cover art!!
155981	Sharp, Dee Dee:  Biggest Hits  (Cameo C 1062(M) LP)  $55  VG+/VG+  1963,co
86444	Sharrock, Sonny & Linda:  Paradise  (Atco SD 36-121 LP)  $43  M-/M-  1975
105863	Sherrick:  S/T  (WB 25576-1 LP)  $33  SS  1987,"Just Call",co
161307	Shinn, Gee Gee:  Putt Putt Golf Courses of America Presents...  (SPP 333 LP)  $90  VG+/VG+  196?,toc
130379	Shirelles:  Sing the Golden Oldies  (Scepter LP-516(M) LP)  $34  VG+/VG+  1964
164356	Shirelles:  Sing the Golden Oldies  (Scepter SPS-516 LP)  $36  VG+/EX  1964,co
18328	Shirelles:  Sing the Golden Oldies  (Scepter LP)  $38  M-/M-  osw
117304	Shirelles & King Curtis:  Give A Twist Party  (Scepter LP 505(M) LP)  $48  EX/VG+  196?,orig,sobc
109695	Shotgun:  Shotgun  (ABC AB 979 LP)  $53  EX/EX  1977,osw,co
164156	Side Effect:  What You Need  (Fantasy F 9513 LP)  $30  VG/VG+  1976,gfld,rw
111883	Side Effect:  What You Need  (Fantasy F 9513 LP)  $38  EX/M-  1976,gfld
159567	Silver, Platinum & Gold:  S/T  (Farr FL 1001 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1976,co,scratches oc
159568	Silver, Platinum & Gold:  S/T  (Farr FL 1001 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1976
140042	Simon, Joe:  By Popular Demand: Joe Simon's Greatest Hits  (Posse POS 10003 LP)  $30  EX/M-  1982,wlp,prst oc
86427	Simon, Joe:  Get Down  (Spring SPR 6706 LP)  $31  EX/M-  1975,co
21747	Simon, Joe:  Simon Sings  (Sound Stage LP)  $33  SS  
72059	Singer, Hal:  Paris Soul Food  (King KSD-1075 LP)  $178  VG+/EX  196?,djts,rare early funk classic,"Hey Jude" beatlesong
126293	Skyliners:  S/T  (Tortoise  Int'l BXL1-2749 LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1978,lyric sleeve,prst obc
108866	Slave:  S/T  (Cotillion SD 5200 LP)  $33  EX/SS  1977,"Slide","Son of Slide",sost,bent corner of cover
140624	Slave:  S/T  (Cotillion SD 5200 LP)  $43  SS  1977,co,"Slide","Son of Slide"
95800	Slide:  Easy In  (Discus DS 7017 LP)  $53  VG/VG+  1977,gfld,Disco (Crisco) can cover art,rare disco!!
153155	Sly & the Family Stone:  Greatest Hits  (Epic EQ 30325(Q) LP)  $38  VG/EX  1971,quadraphonic,tear oc,smsplt
65395	Sly Stone:  Spaced Out Sly  (Manufacturer's 14056 LP)  $78  SS  1977,psych cover art,rare doo-wop release by Sly
119570	Solid Solution:  Loving You  (Silver Spoon SP-7118 LP)  $100  VG/VG+  1978,modern soul/steppers,6" smsplt
76562	Soul Buttercups:  Solid Soul  (Premier 1004 LP)  $43  M-/EX/M-  early 197?,osw,cover tunes "land of 1000 dances","soulful strut","everyday people"
155407	Soul Children:  Finders Keepers  (Epic PE 33902 LP)  $38  VG/EX  1976,orig,co,slrw
123165	Soul Children:  Soul Children  (Stax STS 2018 LP)  $50  SS  197?,co(clean hole),original pressing!,shrink pulled away some
59238	Soul Children:  Where Is Your Woman Tonight?  (Epic LP)  $45  M-/M-/EX  1977,osw,co
121589	Soulful Strings:  The Magic of Christmas  (Cadet LPS-814 DJ LP)  $42  VG/VG+  1968,breaks,djl,soc,woc,Phil Upchurch,Dorothy Ashby,Cleveland Eaton
19882	Sound Experience:  Boogie Woogie  (Buddah LP)  $33  SS  1975,vg+ cover
79623	Sparkle:  Curtis Mayfield  (Atlantic SD 18176 LP)  $31  EX/M-  1976,Aretha Franklin
18678	Sparks, Melvin:  S/T  (Westbound LP)  $41  VG+/M-  1975,Jimmy Scott
94161	Spencer, Leon:  Sneak Preview  (Prestige PR 10011 LP)  $98  VG/EX  1971,green label,co,Virgil Jones,Melvin Sparks,Idris Muhammad
163899	Spinners:  2nd Time Around  (V.I.P. VIPS-405DJ LP)  $30  VG/VG  1970,wlp,woc
145188	Spinners:  S/T  (Atlantic QD 7256(Q) LP)  $33  VG+/VG+  1973,quadraphonic,osw,"I'll Be Around","Could It Be I'm Falling In Love"
144460	Springfield, Dusty:  Dusty in Memphis  (Atlantic SD 8214 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1969,orig
144461	Springfield, Dusty:  Dusty in Memphis  (Atlantic SD 8214 LP)  $37  VG+/EX  1969,orig,co
124544	Springfield, Dusty:  Ooooooweeee!!!  (Philips PHM 200-174(M) LP)  $38  EX/VG+  196?,osw
101445	Springfield, Dusty:  Sings Love  (Philips  EVER 21 LP)  $43  VG+/M-  197?,Japan,soc,insert
8714	Starr, Edwin:  25 Miles  (Gordy LP)  $33  SS  
135551	Starr, Edwin:  Free to Be Myself  (Granite GS-1005 LP)  $33  SS  1975,"Abyssinia Jones"
98311	Starr, Edwin:  Hell Up In Harlem OST  (Motown M802V1 LP)  $31  VG/EX  1974,co,orig inner sleeve,wlp
153140	Starr, Edwin & Blinky:  Just We Two  (Gordy GS 945 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1969,co
135489	Steele, Ron:  Everybody's Baby  (Ovation OV-1717 LP)  $32  SS  1976,"Cisco Disco"
134677	Stoner, Geoffrey:  Watch Out!  (Ovation OVQD 1431(Q) LP)  $38  VG/M-  1973,wlp,co,quadraphonic,woc,wol
141376	Stoner, Geoffrey:  Watch Out!  (Ovation OVQD 1431(Q) LP)  $55  SS  1973,quadraphonic
28770	Street People:  Street People  (Vigor VI 7001 LP)  $35  SS  1975&1976
159174	Stylistics:  A Special Style  (Streetwise SW 3305 LP)  $37  VG+/M-  1985,co
97777	Sugar Billy:  Super Duper Love  (Fast Track FTS 601 LP)  $128  VG/EX  1975,gfld,early disco rarity!!
134869	Supremes:  A' Go-Go  (Motown MT-649(M) LP)  $30  VG/EX  1966,orig,woc,wol,orig inner sleeve
147877	Supremes:  Merry Christmas  (Motown MS-638 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1965,orig
29153	Supremes:  Right On  (Motown MS 705 LP)  $35  SS  1970,gfld,"everybody's got the right to love" sost,tear away poster enclosed
136110	Susan (Loretta Long):  Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street  (Scepter SPS-584 LP)  $51  VG+/VG+  1970,gfld,"Three of These Things",funky "ABC Song",co,sl spinewear
47284	Swamp Dogg:  S/T  (Ala LP)  $33  SS  1982,"Right Arm For Your Love"
154771	Swann, Bettye:  The Soul View Now!  (Capitol ST-190 LP)  $82  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co,sost "Don't Touch Me"
2957	Sweat Band:  S/T  (Uncle Jam LP)  $30  EX/M-  1980,P-Funk,wlp
76631	Sweet Inspirations:  Sweets for my Sweet  (Atlantic SD 8225 LP)  $31  VG+/EX  1969,co
87966	Sweet Inspirations:  What The World Needs Now Is Love  (Atlantic SD 8201 LP)  $31  M-/M-  1968,osw,co(small hole),red green label
160163	Swordsmen:  S/T  (RCA Victor LSP-4245 LP)  $35  VG+/EX  1969,co
148687	Tantra:  The Journey Continues  (Importe/12 MP-318 LP)  $70  SS  1982,yellow wax,audiophile,italodisco
19726	Taylor, Johnnie:  Greatest Hits  (Stax LP)  $33  SS  
70768	Taylor, Little Johnny:  LJT  (Ronn 7535 LP)  $33  SS  1978
137007	Temptations:  Psychedelic Shack  (Gordy GLPS 947 LP)  $41  VG+/EX  1970,orig,osw,co
134395	Temptations:  Psychedelic Shack  (Gordy GLPS 947 LP)  $43  EX/EX  1970,orig
139430	Temptations:  Psychedelic Shack  (Gordy GLPS 947 DJ LP)  $51  VG/VG+  1970,orig,rare wlp,soc
137416	Temptations:  The Temptations Show  (Gordy GS 933 LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1969,co,orig inner sleeve
71881	Temptations/4 Tops:  Battle of the Champions  (Motown PR134 LP)  $78  EX/M-  1983,wlp,dj only album celbration of Motown's 25th Anniversary
168509	Tender Aggression:  Fly Disco Fly  (Morningstar MST-7100 LP)  $34  VG+  1976,wlp,plain cover
71331	Tex, Joe:  Hold On!, It's Joe Tex  (Checker LP 2993(M) LP)  $98  VG/M-  1964,woc
47093	Tex, Joe:  Hold What You've Got  (Atlantic 8106(M) LP)  $43  EX/VG+  1965,orange/purple label
71848	Tex, Joe:  Hold What You've Got  (Atlantic 8106(M) LP)  $88  EX/M-  1965,orange/purple label,osw
71329	Tex, Joe:  I've Got to Do a Little Better  (Atlantic 8133(M) LP)  $53  M-/M-  1966,"Papa Was Too",osw
135281	Tex, Joe:  The Love You Save  (Atlantic 8124(M) LP)  $41  VG/VG+  1966,orig,woc,wol
159506	Theresa:  Broken Puzzle  (RCA 6488-1-R LP)  $55  SS  1987,sost "last time"
160014	Thomas, Rufus:  Walking the Dog  (Stax 704(M) LP)  $95  VG/EX  1963,soc,co
78210	Thomas, Timmy:  Touch To Touch  (Glades 7513 LP)  $45  SS  1977, King Sporty producer
61014	Thomas, Timmy:  You're the Song I've Always Wanted to Sing  (Glades LP)  $32  SS  1974
36658	Til, Sunny:  Returns  (RCA LP)  $48  EX/EX  co
156477	Tolbert, Jessie:  School Me Baby  (Tolbert TL 102 LP)  $75  SS  198?-9?,chicago private press
123169	Tomorrow's People:  Open Soul  (Stage Productions SM 766-5 LP)  $499  M-/M-  1976,still in shrink,rare local Chicago soul gem,semi-nude black woman cover art,marvelous mid-tempo sound,plus a side long title cut!!,the nicest copy we've seen!,songs: Lovers to Friends, It Ain't Fair, Hurt Perversion, Hurry On Up Tomorrow, Let's Get Down With The Beat, Open Soul (20:13)
109089	Toney Jr., Oscar:  For Your Precious Love  (Bell 6006 LP)  $35  EX/VG+  196?,osw,co
152886	Toussaint, Allen:  Toussaint  (Scepter SPS-24003 LP)  $52  VG+/VG+  1970,"Whisper to a Scream",slrw
52030	Townsend, Ed:  Now  (Curtom LP)  $38  SS  1975
164304	Toys:  A Lover's Concerto  (DynoVoice 9002(M) LP)  $50  VG/EX  1966,co,sticker wear oc
108954	Turner, Ike:  Blues Roots  (UA UAS 5576 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1972,gfld,contoured cover
133457	Turner, Ike & Tina:  The Ike & Tina Turner Show Vol. 2  (Loma LS 5904 LP)  $33  EX/EX  1966,osw,co
122354	Turner, Sonny:  The Touch  (Christopher CC1001 LP)  $78  VG+/VG+  197?-8?,modern soul,autographed oc,five-song ep,former member of the Platters
156024	Turner, Spyder:  Stand by Me  (MGM SE-4450 LP)  $34  VG+/EX  1967
20117	Turner, Tina:  Electric Lady  (Vintage Gold LP)  $38  SS  3lp set
141153	Uncle Louie:  Uncle Louie's Here  (Marlin 2228 LP)  $45  SS  1979,co,breaks,Walter Murphy
111936	Undisputed Truth:  Method to the Madness  (Whitfield WH 2967 LP)  $48  M-/M-  1976,osw,co(bb)
137554	Upchurch, Phil:  Darkness, Darkness  (Blue Thumb BTS 6005 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1972,2lp
79460	Upchurch, Phil:  Darkness, Darkness  (Blue Thumb BTS 6005 LP)  $40  VG+/EX  1972,2lp,vg back cover has ring wear
120569	VA-Anita Baker,Howard Hewett,Midnight Star,Peabo Bryson,George Duke,BB&Q:  In a Mellow Mood  (Elektra ED 5188 LP)  $33  EX  1986,wlp,rare modern soul promo sampler
123108	VA-Baby Lloyd,Vickie Anderson,Jewels,James Crawford,James Brown Orchestra:  The James Brown Show  (Smash MGS 27087(M) LP)  $30  EX/M-  196?
120673	VA-Big Dance Records in the Big Apple:  Jackie Robinson,Polly Brown,Atlanta Disco Band,Charlie Calello,Jumbo 76,Pretty Maid Company,Alexander's DiscoTime Band  (Ariola America ST 50011 LP)  $38  EX/EX  1976,disco,osw
143414	VA-Dance Trax: The Freshest Sounds for Dancin':  Jeff Lorber,Jeffrey Osborne,Cherrelle,Staple Singers,Jermaine Stewart,Paul Hardcastle,Jesse Johnson's Revue,Temptations,Rebbie Jackson  (K-tel NU 4600 LP)  $30  SS  1985,co,contains instructional poster to learn the neutron dance,the bird and the rock,penguin & slide
159260	VA-David Axelrod,Bettye Swann,Bruce Cloud,the Band,Nancy Wilson,Al Martino:  The Capitol Disc Jockey Album October 1969  (Capitol PRO 4388(M) LP)  $40  VG/EX  1969,promo only,slrw
145541	VA-Disco Boogie Vol. 2:  Salsoul Orchestra,Charo,Loleatta Holloway,Bunny Sigler,Double Exposure,First Choice,Love Committee,Claudja Barry,Ripple,Silvetti,Chocolat's,Anthony White,ORS,Joe Bataan,True Example,Wayne St. John,Moment of Truth  (Salsoul 2SS 0102 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1978,2lp
21520	VA-Disco Par-r-r-ty Non Stop...:  Brown,JB's,Ballard  (Spring LP)  $31  SS  1973,Chakachas
130572	VA-Dramatics,Minnie Riperton,Tavares,Tamiko Jones:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee  (Army Reserve 217-220 LP)  $60  EX/EX  1975,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,military
130571	VA-Fifth Dimension,Rufus,Carol Douglas,Walter Heath:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee  (Army Reserve 209-212 LP)  $58  VG+/EX  1975,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,military
162240	VA-Fila Brazillia,Doppelganger,DJ Die,Tosca,DJ DSL,Mr. Scruff,J. Majik,Airgoose,Shantel,Droppin' Science,Eskobar,Ed Rush Trace Nico:  Mind the Gap: Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol. 2  (Groove Attack GAP 00251 LP)  $40  VG+/VG+  1996,Germany,2lp,soc,electronica
131912	VA-First Choice,Instant Funk,Salsoul Orchestra,Lolleatta Holloway,Double Exposure,Skyy:  Rhythm  (Double J 6601-1 LP)  $31  VG+/M-  1993,2lp,dance remixes by Clevilles & Cole,Silk Hurley,Danny Tenaglia,Frankie Knuckles,Junior Vasquez
130575	VA-George Benson,Thelma Houston,Al Jarreau,Ronnie Limar:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee  (Army Reserve 281-284 LP)  $60  EX/EX  1976,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,military
123186	VA-Getting Together With the Jackson 5:  Jackson 5,Platters,Brook Benton,Inez & Charlie Foxx,Jerry Butler,Frankie Lyman,Tommy Hunt  (MusicO MDS 1047 LP)  $78  VG+/VG+  197?,rare comp,features the Jackson 5's Dynamo recordings
154308	VA-Gwen Guthrie,Wally Badarou,Darryl Thompson,Sly & Robbie:  Padlock  (Garage/Island ITG2001 LP)  $55  SS  1985,Larry Levan mixes,mini-lp
40125	VA-Hi Records Special LP:  Don Bryant,Ann Peebles  (Hi LP)  $63  VG+/M-  3 early cuts ea.
130570	VA-Hues Corporation,Booker T.,Graham Central Station,Joneses:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee  (Army Reserve 205-208 LP)  $55  VG+/VG+/EX  1975,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,military
130573	VA-Impressions,Ben E. King,Gwen McCrae,Natural Four:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee  (Army Reserve 221-224 LP)  $60  EX/EX  1975,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,military
127917	VA-Impressions,Tams,Sapphires,Tommy Roe,Steve Alaimo,Gauchos,Fats Domino,Spats,Shin-Diggers:  Based on the ABC-TV Shindig!  (ABC-Paramount ABC-504(M) LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1964,great cover art,co,wobc
149940	VA-Impressions,Tams,Sapphires,Tommy Roe,Steve Alaimo,Gauchos,Fats Domino,Spats,Shin-Diggers:  Based on the ABC-TV Shindig!  (ABC-Paramount ABC-504(M) LP)  $60  SS  1964,great cover art,sealed
148530	VA-Invictus' Greatest Hits:  Freda Payne,Chairmen of the Board,8th Day,Glass House,Ruth Copeland,Barrino Brothers  (Invictus ST 9807 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1972,silver target cover art,co
153043	VA-Kiss,Parliament,Greg Perry,James & Bobby Purify,Philadelphia Flyers,Gloria Scott,John Baldry,Fanny:  From the Casbah  (Casablanca NBLP 000 LP)  $98  VG/VG+  1975,promo-only comp,rw
149263	VA-Kool & the Gang,Leo Sayer,Boney M,Bionic Boogie,Peter Brown,Claudja Barry,Sheila B. Devotion:  Disconet Vol. 1, No. 4  (Disconet MWDN 104 LP)  $150  EX/M-  1977,promo-only,osw,mixed by Bobby DJ Guttadaro
130576	VA-Labelle,John Handy,Tavares,Carol Douglas:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee  (Army Reserve 285-288 LP)  $58  VG+/EX  1976,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,djs ol,military
166521	VA-Main Ingredient,Don Covay,Crusaders,Roy C.:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee Programs #213-216  (Army Reserve 73893/94 LP)  $62  VG+/M-  1975,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,military
117596	VA-Marvin Gaye,Gladys Knight,Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder,Syreeta,Manhattans,UK Players,Herbie Hancock:  Night Life: 28 Sweet Soul Classics  (Star Blend STD11 LP)  $43  SS  1983,UK,2lp
124694	VA-Only for Teenagers and Real Swinging Adults:  Blendtones,Extensions,Martinels,Jimmy McHugh,Oscar Boyd,Cicero Blake  (Success S-LP 1011MX(M) LP)  $200  VG+/EX  195?-6?,produced by Johnny Pate
124714	VA-Salesmen's Demonstration Record:  Max Roach,Mose Allison,Herbie Mann,Roy Ayers,Archie Bell,Sam & Dave,Aretha Franklin  (Atlantic ST-68-SC-A-PR LP)  $100  VG+  1968,rare promo-only,stock cover
149995	VA-Sam & Dave,Percy Sledge,Fontella Bass,Eddie Floyd,Jean Knight,Carla Thomas,Archie Bell & the Drells:  3+2+5=Total Soul  (Audio Encores AE1-1005 LP)  $33  S  1980,Canada,gfld,audiophile
130577	VA-Staples,Deniece Williams,Commodores,Leroy Hutson:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee  (Army Reserve 289-292 LP)  $58  VG+/EX  1976,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,djs ol,military
148664	VA-Steppin' to Our Disco:  Arpeggio,Bionic Boogie,Alicia Bridges,Miquel Brown,Gloria Gaynor,Isaac Hayes,Kikrokos,Peaches & Herb,Joe Simon,Don Ray  (Polydor PRO 060 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1978,wlp,programmed by Studio 54's Rich Kaczor
166851	VA-Stevie Wonder,Aretha Franklin,Donny Hathaway,Staple Singers,Ray Charles:  Recorded Live at Newport in New York  (Buddah BDS-5616 LP)  $30  VG+/EX  1974,co
132881	VA-The Stax/Volt Revue Vol. 1: Live in London:  Otis Redding,Sam & Dave,Carla Thomas,Mar-Keys,Eddie Floyd,Booker T & the MGs  (Stax S721 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1967,yellow label
28846	VA-The Stax/Volt Revue Vol. 2: Live in Paris:  Otis Redding,Carla Thomas,Sam & Dave,Eddie Floyd  (Stax LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  WLP,soc,sol,swoc
132880	VA-The Stax/Volt Revue Vol. 2: Live in Paris:  Otis Redding,Carla Thomas,Sam & Dave,Eddie Floyd  (Stax S722 LP)  $38  VG+/EX  1967,yellow label
155506	VA-Tito Rodriguez,Chino,Kako,Charanga '76,Orq. Tipica Novel,Orq. Cimarron,Linda Leida,La Sonora Borinquen,Angel Canales y Sabor,Milton Hamilton,Orq. Guarabe,Cindy Rodriguez:  Salsa Disco Party Vol. 1  (TR STR-130 LP)  $75  VG/VG+  197?-8?,2lp,rw
167623	VA-War,Natalie Cole,Gary Tom Empire,Platters:  Rap n' Rhythm with Al Gee Programs #229-232  (Army Reserve 74181/82 LP)  $62  VG+/M-  1975,2lp,armed forces radio shows,music & interviews,military
123155	Van Peebles, Melvin:  Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song OST  (Stax STS 3001 LP)  $95  M-/EX  1971,gfld,osw,rare original pressing in great shape!!
104365	Walker, (Hysear) Don:  Complete Expressions  (Brunswick BL 54174 LP)  $55  SS  1970,co,cool cover art,original!!
136918	Walsh, James Gypsy Band:  S/T  (RCA Victor AFL1-2914 LP)  $60  VG+/EX  1978,"Cuz It's You Girl",lyric sleeve,prst obc
112294	War:  Other Side Of War Warms Your Heart  (Souffle 2017 LP)  $63  VG/M-  197?,2lp,Bobby Womack
98302	War:  Radio Free War  (UA SP-103 LP)  $43  VG/EX  1974,blue wax,dj only,lyric sleeve
139009	Warwick, Dee Dee:  Turning Around  (Atco SD 33-337 LP)  $33  VG/VG  1970,rw,soc
47311	Washburn, Lalomie:  My Music is Hot  (Parachute LP)  $53  VG+/M-  1977,djl,co,soc
136017	Webster, Joel:  Elixir  (Crossover CR 9004 LP)  $33  SS  1974,sl rackwear
140246	Wells, Jean:  World, Here Comes Jean Wells  (Calla CS 1103 LP)  $105  EX/VG+  196?,psychedelic cover art,osw
98487	Wells, Mary:  Bye Bye Baby  (Motown M-600(M) LP)  $150  VG+/EX  1963,"i don't want to take a chance"
94871	Wesley, Fred:  A Blow for Me, A Toot for You  (Atlantic SD 18214 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1977,co
29413	Wesley, Fred:  Say Blow by Blow Backwards  (Atl LP)  $38  VG/M-  djts,H20
150779	Wesley, Fred & the J.B.'s:  Doing it to Death  (People PE 5603 LP)  $81  VG/EX  1973,orig,slrw
20442	Wesley, Fred &the Horny Horns:  Say Blow by Blow Backwards  (Atlantic LP)  $45  EX/EX  
43418	White Elephant:  S/T  (Just Sunshine LP)  $50  VG+/EX  1972,2lp
123135	Wilbur Niles Thrust:  Re-Entry  (Plum Place P.P. 1004 LP)  $35  VG/M-  1987,rw
86712	Wild Magnolias:  The Wild Magnolias  (Polydor PD 6026 LP)  $128  M-/M-  1974, Meters related,co,lyric insert,promo insert,original vinyl rarely seen anymore!,
119584	Wilson, Jackie:  Merry Christmas from Jackie Wilson  (Brunswick BL 754112 LP)  $38  M-/VG+  1963,osw,stereo
61433	Wilson, Jackie:  Nowstalgia  (Brunswick 754199 LP)  $33  SS  1972,co
138105	Wilson, Jackie:  Soul Time  (Brunswick BL 754118 LP)  $38  EX/VG+  1965,"Danny Boy",osw
160072	Wilson, Jackie:  Spotlight On...  (Brunswick BL 54119(M) LP)  $37  EX/EX  196?,osw
18690	Wilson, Jackie:  You Got Me Walking  (Brunswick LP)  $33  EX/M-  WLP,swoc,soc
9342	Wilson, Jackie:  You Got Me Walking  (Brunswick LP)  $38  SS  
121559	Wilson, Joni & the Debonaires:  Joni Wilson & the Exciting Debonaires  (Gateway GLP 3002 LP)  $38  VG+/VG+  1965,Pittsburgh soul,"Funky Mama"
28768	Wilson, Reuben:  Cisco Kid  (GM LP)  $38  SS  1974,co
117812	Wonder, Stevie:  For Once in my Life  (Tamla TS 291 LP)  $33  M-/EX  1968,side by side globes label,osw
58527	Wonder, Stevie:  Stevie Wonder Collection  (Motown 2-58 LP)  $33  VG+/M-  4lp Box,Spain
164367	Woo, Gerry:  Listen To My Heart Beat  (Polydor 833 520 LP)  $35  VG+/M-  1988,djl,soc,sost
169647	Wood, Brass & Steel:  S/T  (Turbo TU-7016 LP)  $80  VG+/EX  1976,orig,slrw
160097	Wood, Brenton:  Baby You Got It  (Double Shot DSS-5003 LP)  $37  VG/EX  1967,co,soc
82825	Wood, Brenton:  Oogum Boogum  (Double Shot DSS 5002 LP)  $48  VG+/M-  1967,co,"Gimme Little Sign","Psychotic Reaction"
71657	Wright, Betty:  I Love the Way You Love  (Alston 33 388 AL 13877 PR(M) LP)  $45  VG+/M-  1972,"Clean Up Woman",dj mono,wlp,prst,djts,sost
160648	Wright, O.V.:  Memphis Unlimited  (Back Beat BBLX-72 LP)  $40  VG/VG+  1973,wlp,rw,prst oc
168327	Wycoff, Michael:  Love Conquers All  (RCA Victor NFL1-8004 LP)  $45  VG+/VG+  1982
131303	Young & Company:  I Like What You're Doing to Me  (Brunswick BL 754224 LP)  $35  VG+/VG+  1980,slrw
110596	Yuro, Timi:  The Amazing Timi Yuro  (Mercury Wing SRW 16363 LP)  $33  VG+/EX  1964,co
146455	Zapp:  Zapp III  (Warner Bros 23875-1 LP)  $33  SS  1983,co